How to Prevent Kidney Disease in Dogs: Important Guidelines

Kidney failure sometimes occurs in older dogs, and there isn’t much we can do about it. Your dog’s kidneys are necessary to help preserve the balance of minerals in their body and remove waste compounds from the bloodstream. Some causes of kidney failure are avoidable, and knowing how to protect your canines from these risks is crucial. Thankfully, we have provided easy ideas to prevent kidney failures in your furry companion. Keep reading below to know more.

Five Tips to Prevent Kidney Failure

It’s saddening when pets don’t function like their normal energetic and active nature because of kidney disease or other health concerns. However, with the five preventative pointers we have prepared, you can protect your dog from kidney issues.

1. Give them the appropriate food

One of the simple methods to avoid kidney failure in dogs is by providing them with the right food. Many vets would suggest feeding a diet low in protein, phosphorus, sodium, and calcium to your canine, as these will help reduce the development of renal disease. Furthermore, these can also help improve and support their kidney enzymes, leading to a healthier life and longer life span.

Avoid feeding chocolates, grapes, avocados, and nuts to your canines, as these may be dangerous to them. Furthermore, tomatoes, raw carrots, dairy products, spinach, and asparagus should not be fed to your pet as these can exacerbate UTIs. Neglected UTIs can result in dysfunction of the kidney or bladder stones, lower urinary tract, and kidney failure and infections.

Bringing your dog to professionals that specialize in the treatment of pet internal conditions is necessary, especially if you’re noticing signs of UTIs or kidney disease. Professional advice and care are needed to guarantee your beloved pet is well looked after.

2. Keep chemicals out of reach

While we know numerous chemicals may be dangerous to pets (and people), we often fail to consider how our beloved pets may be at greater threat of exposure to hazardous chemicals. Bathroom cleaners, antifreeze, pesticide, and other poisonous compounds should be stored away to prevent your canines from consuming them.

Antifreeze can lure canines because of its sweet taste and scent, and it can greatly harm their kidneys when taken in, even in small amounts. Your dogs may ingest something harmful or toxic in the most unexpected scenarios. If a dog accidentally swallows something hazardous, vet surgeons will carry out surgery operations or use methods to induce vomiting, causing the ingested things or chemicals to be extracted forcibly.

Spay or neuter surgery, veterinary soft tissue surgery, or various conditions that may require surgical attention can all be addressed by a vet surgeon. You may approach them should your pet get into a situation that may require it. 

3. Use tick prevention on your canine

Deer ticks are the causes of Lyme illness in dogs. While 90% of pets exposed to the said disease do not get sick, those affected may experience an extremely serious and fatal complication called Lyme nephritis. Severe inflammation of the kidneys, known as nephritis, occurs when a pet experiences Lyme nephritis, which results in large protein losses from the kidneys. Lyme nephritis can’t be turned around once it happens to your pets.

You might believe vaccinating your pet for Lyme disease can help avoid this illness, but this method isn’t always reliable. Veterinarians  and animal facilities like Four Corners Veterinary Hospital would recommend using premium tick prevention products to keep pets safe from diseases and infections that may be caused by some parasites.

4. Take good care of their teeth

Looking after your dog’s teeth can help lower the possibility of having kidney issues. Dental disease is one of the frequent causes of chronic kidney failure in canines that are often neglected. Gum illness hurts your canine’s mouth and increases the threat of heart, liver, and kidney complications. Brushing your pet’s teeth every day and regularly taking them to a pet dentist can keep their dental health in check and protect against systemic conditions like kidney problems.

5. Make sure they have access to freshwater

Water is beneficial for your dog’s overall health and has many amazing benefits both in and out. Enough water in your dog’s diet helps dilute their urine, enabling them to flush contaminants in their bodies with comfort and convenience. Guaranteeing your dogs have access to fresh water is vital to keep their kidneys performing and avoid dehydration.