Five Tips on How to Prevent House Fires

Home fires can be one of the most terrible accidents you can ever experience. The aftermath of a house fire can be destructive, but the good news is that preventing them from happening is relatively simple. You need to be attentive and thorough in ensuring that your home is not prone to fire from taking place. Making sure that your home is fire-proof will also keep your family safe.

Prevention is Key to Being Safe

Making sure your house is safe does not require much effort. You can put preventative actions in place to guarantee that your home is safe from a fire. These practices include unplugging chords, putting out fires when cooking, switching off appliances, and keeping a record of emergency numbers. These basic steps could be used in your everyday life. Here’s a list for you to navigate through to ensure the safety of your home and your family.

Unplug Chords

Oftentimes, we forget to do this mundane task of unplugging devices when they are not being used. Plugged chords and items can produce an excess flow of electricity. This extra flow of electric power can cause a surge and cause your appliances to overheat and eventually cause a fire. 

Devices like your tv, computer systems, laptops, and other electronic devices are extremely prone to catching fire when overheated. An excess flow of electricity also is a source for a fire to spread. By unplugging your devices and electronics that you are not using, you can reduce your chances of a fire.

Never Leave Flames Unattended

It is important to be conscious of the open fires around the house. These flames could be from the range when you are cooking, the oven when baking, or a candlelight burning. The excessive heat generated by these open fires can cause a house fire. When you’re cooking, do not ignore the stove. 

When you light a candle, make sure you’re in the living area when the candle is burning. Being attentive to the open flames will permit you to spot any kind of problems if they should arise. You will have the ability to put the fire away and prevent them from spreading further, keeping your house and family safe.

Turn Off Appliances

Similar to unplugging your appliances when not being used, turning off your devices is equally as important. Home appliances like your clothes dryer or dishwasher can produce a lot of heat. Various other home appliances such as your air conditioning unit and electric fan also produce a plethora of electrical flow. When left unattended, these devices might create a massive fire. You must be at home and attentive when these home appliances remain in use. Before you leave your house, make sure you turn them off to ensure the safety of your house.

Smoke Outside

Smoking cigarettes inside your house might seem inviting, especially because it spares you the effort of stepping outdoors to light your cigarette. However, people do not realize that smoking inside your home can be really dangerous, as it can quickly cause a fire when left unattended. When you discard your cigarette buds in the trash can, usually, these buds are still partially lit. 

This, consequently, will allow it to ignite a fire, spreading it through the various flammable items in your house. Aside from this, the smoke from your cigarettes will damage the walls and furniture of your home, which will be tough to repair. Save yourself the headache, and step outside when you smoke. If the damage caused by heavy indoor smoking is too difficult to clean, you can call different restoration companies in your area like PuroClean of Scottsdale to help with the repair.

Take Note of Emergency Numbers

Keeping a record of emergency numbers will be extremely helpful for you. Make sure these numbers are within your reach, may it be in your mobile device, telephone directory, or having a tiny list in your wallet. 

People often call 911 in emergency cases, but there are also other facilities that you connect to when you come across a house fire. Companies within your area cater to clients who require fire and smoke restoration services. It’s very important to have their contact information at hand in order to be ready for fire emergencies.


Keeping your family safe from fire starts with preventive measures you can do in your house. These practices are fairly simple and can be practiced in your daily life. The golden rule is for you to constantly be around when you’re using appliances and open fires around the house. 

Everyday scenarios like cooking, using the dryer, watching television, and burning a candle can cause a house fire if you leave these unattended. Always be vigilant when you and your family use devices to prevent a house fire from taking place. It doesn’t entail much effort to ensure your home and family are safe.