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What to Do if Your Dog Is Trembling?

Even dogs dressed in cute sweaters and caps can experience the chills and shakes. The cold weather is not just one thing that causes our furry companions to shake. What Causes Dogs to Shiver? Dogs often shiver due to harmless reasons. However, their shivering could also be an appeal for help. Here are the common …

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The Different Surgical Procedures in Dogs

The Different Surgical Procedures in Dogs Veterinary surgery is just one of the 22 veterinary specialties recognized in the US, Canada, and Europe. Those desiring to become board-certified should undertake a one-year clinical internship and three years of intensive training in a residency program. Under the surgical specialization are subspecialties that cater to different areas. …

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Saving Lives: Duties of Service Dogs

Dogs that are trained to carry out work or complete the duties of people who have impairments are called service dogs. They are considered to be working animals; they are not pets. The job or task that the dog is trained to perform is directly related to the individual’s impairment. Service dogs should have an …