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Why Is It So Important to Get Your Pet Vaccinated?

Vaccinations are important to the health and wellness of your four-legged family member since they produce protective antibodies that offer long-lasting defense against diseases. An animal’s immune system is stimulated, and the body is “interacted” to prepare itself to combat prospective illness after receiving a disease-enabling organism in a vaccination. While no vaccine can supply …

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Pet Dental Care: Common Surgeries

Untreated dental problems can cause dental problems in pets. Animals of all ages are at risk for certain severe oral diseases that may require surgical intervention. Regular check-ups of the dental health of your pet assist in identifying problems before they become severe and provide the appropriate treatment. For various reasons, your pet may require …

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Exotic Pets: Common Dental Issues

Due to their particular anatomy and physiological characteristics, exotic pets, like reptiles, bird species, and small mammals, require specialized veterinary care. Dental health is an essential aspect of overall health for these pets. Dental issues could be caused by various reasons, including poor diet or genetics, trauma, and even disease. A veterinarian with experience and …